A Call To Action

History proves that it only takes a few people to change the world. Together we create a ripple effect; one that inspires humanity to unite around a shared vision.

I believe we were born to create and that our greatest purpose is to celebrate life; for it is the only thing that truly makes a difference. When our creativity is inspired by our love of life, this becomes the ripple effect. Inspiring others with our love infused creations, they in turn become ripples themselves. A movement is born.

So many have desired to change the world only to discover that all we can truly ever change is ourselves. It all starts with a simple decision; to become present to the absolute perfection of life. In a recognition that our perspectives inform our present reality, we are empowered to release any perceived limitations that obscure our ability to create the future we desire.

We are empowered.

Conscious that our life is informed by our thoughts, words and actions, we become architects of our reality. Recognizing that we are a product of our environment, we bring intention into every choice we make. We begin to eat nourishing foods, surround ourselves with people that uplift us and create lifestyles that promote general well-being. We become vessels of positivity and potential.

This is the inspiration for creating PURE, a supportive community of heart-centered beings consciously creating lives they love. Driven by a passion for fostering authentic human connection, for the past 30 years I’ve been nurturing relationships that support visionary creatives in manifesting their visions into reality. Now it’s time to take this vision to the next level.

We are the ones!

Today, I’m calling forth this brave tribe of heart-centered and purpose-driven visionary creatives, category experts and business professionals in a variety of fields to support one another in catalyzing their visions and dreams into reality. If you’re still reading, I’m speaking directly to you.

This is a big vision.

At the simplest level, we serve as matchmakers and advisers, nurturing relationships that support our members in manifesting their visions. And at our grandest scale, we are forming a new economy with a currency system backed by human connection.

It starts now.

This will be the most spectacular crowdsourcing project you’ve ever experienced; one where you are the crowd and we’re sourcing your talents as the currency that will bring your dreams into reality.

Do you feel the call?

If this resonates and sparks your curiosity, there are many ways to get involved. Whatever it is, if you have passion, talents and skills which you’d like to share with others, you can join our growing talent pool by becoming a member of our community. It’s free to join and as opportunities arise, we will reach out to discuss them with you.

Become a member by clicking here.

This is an opportunity to be connected with a purpose-driven community of experts in a variety of fields interested in working with people just like you. Whether you’re interested in getting introduced to new opportunities, or you’d like to be involved in catalyzing ‘the big vision’, we’d love to meet you.

Together, anything becomes possible. We are creating lives worthy of celebration. Everything begins with a vision. I offer the words. You are the action.

Let’s begin!