We Are The Ones

And the time is now.

We are creating something extraordinary and I would love for you to be a part of this journey.

Since 2004, with patience and persistence, I’ve been nurturing a vision to foster a network of communities around the globe that prioritize human connection. This led me to founding precursor businesses for both the coworking and coliving sectors, and most recently the industry association for coliving. Like most entrepreneurs, I’ve met great challenges and learned many invaluable lessons. Most notably are the challenges to fostering nurturing community and a culture of connection.

In 2018, I came to Bali to write a book to share my perspectives on how to foster a culture of connection; first within ourselves, then within our relationships and ultimately bringing that experience of connection & wholeness into all that we create in life. As I completed the book, it became clear that I wanted to dive deeper into this topic by creating an institute that would serve as a living laboratory and offer developmental programs focused on human connection. Through this frame, we will also offer courses in leadership development, community facilitation and culture building.

In January of 2019, we found a beautiful property just south of Ubud, Bali. After a few months of planning, we began construction in June. We finished renovations at the end of February this year and had our inaugural programs planned for the spring. Clearly, the world had other plans.

Everything has changed.

This pandemic has taught us many things, but most notably for me is the value human connection and nurturing community plays in our life. Yet, the barriers and challenges to this basic human need of ‘belonging’ continue to mount. Not only because of the pandemic, but because many of us have forgotten how; mistakenly replacing connection with an addiction to ‘likes’, social media posts and texting as attempts to present ourselves as good enough to be ‘liked’ or ‘followed’. The reality we are facing is that our relationship to our devices is accelerating an epidemic of loneliness that is blanketing the planet.

Connection is not for sale.

Despite our attempts to commoditize connection, social applications and communication platforms are creating more division and separation than authentic connection. While the coworking and coliving movements have sought to address this issue by commoditizing community, their efforts thus far have been largely unsuccessful and insufficient.

Community is the key.

All the value exists within the connection between people. When healthy bonds exist, anything becomes possible. Nurturing relationships between humans takes time, energy and commitment. It is not a process that can be commoditized or controlled, despite the misguided hopes that dominate in our current economic landscape. If we desire to create value in people’s lives, we must truly invest in the development of nurturing communities by focusing on human connection. When successful, those bonds between humans will bare the most delicious fruit. This is the key to creating a truly groundbreaking social enterprise that has the potential to change the world.

That’s exactly what we’re going to do!

From humble beginnings, with patience and persistence, we are fostering a global network of communities that will promote a dynamic lifestyle within a holistic living system; integrating housing, workspace, education, wellness, entertainment and retail. Here in Bali we are nurturing this grand vision by preparing our institute to welcome a new generation of remote workers that desire to live in paradise while bringing their visions to life within a nurturing community.

With human connection as our highest priority, our professionally trained in-house community facilitators, professional development coaches, wellness practitioners and hospitality team are committed to fostering an extraordinary lifestyle for our community. And if that’s not enough, our residents and members will have direct access to a wide range of services and amenities to address all their lifestyle needs as well as access to our proprietary training programs. Once our success is validated by our community, and not a moment before, we will begin to engage opportunities to expand our offering to additional locations.

Join us in bringing this vision to life.

From apprenticeships and training programs in community building to retreats and remote working opportunities in Bali, fractional ownership and other investment opportunities, there are many ways to get involved.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit pure.network.


About the author : Ryan Fix built his career as an ambitions NYC real estate broker, climbing up the ranks to build and sell his own property marketing agency in 2004 at 26 years old. He is considered a pioneer of the coworking and coliving movements; developing precursors in each sector. In 2017, he co-founded Co-Liv as the industry association for coliving. Since then, he has been advising investors, entrepreneurs, property developers, asset managers and municipalities in developing mixed-use properties that promote a more integrated lifestyle.

To work with Ryan & his curated team of experts, contact info@pure.network.



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Pure Project, by Ryan Fix

Ryan is the founder of Pure Project, a platform to develop organizations with human connection as the core value.