Letting go, going home & slowing down.

Hello friends, I hope all is flowing and glowing in your world.

As a passionate writer, it’s an honor to share my experiences with you all.
I created this social media channel as an experiment in fostering a culture of connection within a group of friends new and old from around the world. It has been my experience that the foundation of connection is trust. When we trust someone or a group, we can open up to them. While there are many ways to build trust with a relationship or group, I’ve found that the most powerful approach is to create a safe space for becoming vulnerable. The funny thing about vulnerability is that contrary to popular belief, it’s healthy expression arises from an internal experience of self-worth. Because I accept myself for who I am, I’m able to share my experience with you honestly because I know that despite what you might think, your opinion cannot reduce my sense of inner knowing. To the contrary, when I speak my raw truth, I create the opportunity for a loving space where I can receive new insights that might expand my inner world of self-worth.

As many of you may know, I’m a junkie for human connection, which was not only the inspiration for this group but also for the book I wrote several years back. It’s a free download for any that are interested (borntoconnect.us). You might find some nice nuggets as I share my personal journey through life thus far and some insights I’ve observed in how we might foster a culture of connection within ourselves, our relationships and all that we create. Since writing this book, I’ve become fascinated with the idea of creating from a place of wholeness; a state of total acceptance of what is without judgement. Life has certainly presented a number of challenges to test my resolve and transform my pain into unconditional love; an energetic vehicle to metabolize the most challenging experiences into opportunities to express more connection into the world. I dream of a world without strangers, where all humanity lives in harmony.

That said, I no longer feel the energetic burden of this vision. For so long, I was driven by my ambition to create a world that works for everyone. Over the past decades, I’ve experienced severe disappointment that grew into sadness. It started with a feeling of helplessness in realizing that my efforts were futile in the face of the drive for material growth. This was an essential step in resolving my immature ego; the identification with myself as a visionary change agent. If I desire peace on Earth, I must first find peace within myself; the first essential step in fostering a culture of connection.

This led me to Bali. A yearning to let go of my worn out ideas of how I or the world ‘needs’ to be and except it as it is now; as perfectly imperfect in every way. A desire to slow down and connect with my subtle energy. An intention to celebrate this extraordinary opportunity to live this miraculous life.

At this moment, I feel so much gratitude for all those in this group that have impacted my life and helped me grow into who I am today; a man that is committed to loving more unconditionally, excepting all that life presents to me and feeling content with life as it is. For me, this is what it feels like to come home; back into myself. A returning from my journeys of outward manifestation and reveling in the joys of my inner journey.

As I joke with my dear friend Nick; ‘go big or go home’. Going home was never an option until I realized home is much bigger than I ever imagined it could be. It’s actually endless growth. I rest in this knowing and bow in deep gratitude.

Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you all.

Sending you all infinite love and light!

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