I live in a dream factory…

Pure House Bali, Ubud

I live in a dream factory.

Imagining a world without strangers, this mind is a flood with visions of grandeur. A culture of connection; embracing our sovereignty as well as our interdependence. We are one in the same.

Born from Earth, to it we shall return. No one escapes. We are bound to an inherent contract with Mother Earth. She lives inside us and we inside her. You see, we are part of something way bigger than our minds can comprehend and our body can hold. And so, we rely on our five senses.

As we navigate life, we begin to perceive ourselves as separate. Despite knowing that we would not exist without our mother, our senses guide us into the delusion that we are separate. As we grow to prioritize independence, we create safety in disconnection. As we suppress belonging, our inherent nature, we begin to crave connection yet we are terrified by it.

Powerful beyond belief, we contract into the safety of our own individualization. Polarized by our state, the attempt to isolate our independence from the whole brings us unimaginable suffering. We soothe it by trying to pull connection into us, reinforcing our perception of separation. This cycle continues to spiral until we eventually snap, hopefully upwards.

As we look to the light, we are guided home into the truth of our being. This connection lives inside of us. When we surrender to it, an experience awakens within us. An acceptance of our wholeness, we become aware that everything exists within us. All suffering dissolves in this knowing. Our inner light continues to shine brighter, guiding our path forward.

Everything becomes a celebration of life. Inspiring all within our vibrational field, we attract and align with others guided by the truth of our being; we are both inherently unique in our experience and inextricably interconnected with all life.

Liberated by truth, we surrender deeper into a love that is beyond the mind’s comprehension.

Are you ready?

Learn more at https://pureproject.org/. Follow us on Instagram @welcometopure for updates on our progress.



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Pure Project, by Ryan Fix

Pure Project, by Ryan Fix


Ryan is the founder of Pure Project, a platform to develop organizations with human connection as the core value.