Catalyzing a Culture of Connection

Dragon Training Lesson led by Livvie

What if life has no meaning except the meaning we create? What if everything is perfect exactly as it is? What if our only purpose is to celebrate life? What if joy is our highest calling?

We’ve only got one shot at life. Let’s enjoy it.

Humanity is clearly experiencing a crisis of disconnection. We seem to be under the collective delusion that we’re separate from one another and our planet. And this is leading to a number of bizarre externalities; an epidemic of loneliness and a slew of mental health issues elevated into mass terror and now a global pandemic threatening the impending collapse of our global economic system and everything fueled by it. The evidence of the dawn of this new reality is evidenced by newsflashes of financial crises, environmental disaster, mass migration, child slavery and a myraid of other horific injustices.

But what if life is unfolding exactly as it should? What if this is all part of the grand plan? What if this experience is propelling our growth as a humanity? And what if humanity is living its finest days at this very moment? What if we chose to assume this perspective?

Every day, more of us wake up to this perspective. It’s happening fast. Soon we’ll be the majority. Like any fringe movement, it only takes a few committed passionate people to change the world. It always has and it always will. Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Terisa, Steve Jobs, Serge Brin & Larry Page, Elon Musk and so many more.

What if we are the ones we’ve been waiting for?

Imagine what the world would be like if we accepted our wholeness and interconnected nature. Our need to be acknowledged would dissolve. We would experience complete safety and total trust, liberating our creativity to flow from its true source; which is love. This alone would change the world.

We are born into a world ruled by artificial scarcity; colonizing our mind from inception. No wonder we grow up to experience life from a perspective of ‘not enough’; whether that be love or money. Our entire financial system is designed by man based upon a model of perceived scarcity. Money only exists because we have debt. No debt, no money. And since the primary way we interact with one another is through our economy, everything becomes transactional based upon perceived scarcity. The scope of this delusion reaches farther that most can fathom. It is the source of disconnection; obscuring our path to experiencing peace on Earth.

There is a way out…and it is through.

As we wake up, we are beginning to recognize the truth…through our connection to life, we are already whole and complete. We are nature; part of a greater whole. We are part of an intricate web of ecosystems living through us; the cell, our bodies, our family, community, nation, planet, cosmos. We are infinite; limited only by our ability to grasp our wholeness. Most humans only access 5% of the mind’s capacity consciously. What if we were able to access the other 95% intentionally? Anything becomes possible!

It is through our suffering that a way out is revealed.

There is no lack of evidence that liberation from limitation is accessible to all humans. So the only real question that remains is…are we willing to let go of what we know? Are we open to experiencing another way…one supported by the laws that guide nature? Science has proven that the universe is constantly expanding, along with everything in it. We are born from the tiniest particle and grow into a marvel of sheer magnificence.

We were born to create.

Encoded into our genetic make-up, creation is hardwired into our biology. We are creators of life, whether that be a child, a work of art, a business or anything else. However, having been born into the illusion of limitation, we create from this place. A craving to be seen, felt or heard, to be acknowledged as enough; an endless attempt to experience ourselves as whole and complete. Solidifying into our being as a behavioral pattern, we entrain into the dominant energy of humanity at this moment in time. We are in fact a product of our environment. A fomo culture driven by likes. Oh, the dopamine hits. Our new drug of choice. Dazed and confused, our creative energy is soaked in dissolution. Giving birth to another to fill a hole inside ourselves. Entrepreneurship to prove our worthiness to our parents and peers. Artwork sourced in pain. Sending us further down the rabithole. We construct civilizations through our collective pain and suffering. It all began with a thought, fueled by feeling. A cyclone of energy pulling all of humanity into its vortex of disconnection from the truth of our being…we are one, we are whole and we are complete; always and forever.

Life is absolutely perfect as it is.

Imagine what our world would look like if all our creation was sourced in love, in connection, in wholeness. With no agenda and nothing to achieve, creation becomes effortless and joyous. Once we acknowledge the truth of our being, resistance falls away. Our creative expression aligns with the purity of our being; infusing love and connection into all our actions. Every act becomes a pure expression of love. This is how we create peace on Earth.

Everything is connected.

When we experience this truth in our body, all our actions begin to shift. We are no longer separate from our environment. As our collective delusion dissolves, we recognize our union with all life; whether they be our family, friends, enemies, governments or Earth itself. We become one with all. Our actions begin to flow from this knowing and felt understanding. We begin to create from wholeness. Free from ego and fear, there is nothing to lose or to be gained in our creation. Our collaborations and co-creations align with the laws of nature. They become harmonious and joyous. Synchronicity in perpetual motion. As we create from this energetic source, our expressions take new form. Our children grow into whole beings guided by unconditional love. We create art to express the love and connection alive inside us. Our enterprises, businesses and governments become vehicles to channel more love and connection into the world. Rippling out into a sea of change, inspiring a global movement that fosters a culture of connection.

Welcome to PURE!

We are an institute and culture lab attracting society’s brightest hearts and minds to explore how we can design organizations of all forms with the purpose of fostering a culture of connection in our societies. We believe that the next generation of organizations will function as intentional communities; offering participants a nurturing environment to bring their whole selves to collaborate around a shared purpose. We believe that this experience can be fostered by bringing intention into the curation, integration and experience design process of any organization which brings people together. As a living laboratory, we host events, workshops, retreats, excursions and residency programs designed to foster a culture of connection.

Learn more at See you in Bali!



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Pure Project, by Ryan Fix

Pure Project, by Ryan Fix

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