Letting go, going home & slowing down.

Hello friends, I hope all is flowing and glowing in your world.

As a passionate writer, it’s an honor to share my experiences with you all.
I created this social media channel as an experiment in fostering a culture of connection within a group of friends new and old from around the world. It has been my experience that the foundation of connection is trust. When we trust someone or a group, we can open up to them. While there are many ways to build trust with a relationship or group, I’ve found that the most powerful approach is to create…

This is not a job for the feint at heart. It will require that you demolish your current relationship to your ego so that you may reconstruct it in a manner that invites a harmonious life. Not that there is anything wrong with the ego; its simply the relationship to it.

My journey starts with a recognition that I tend to attract women that like me, have wounds in relation to the opposite sex. They are afraid to love because of all those times they have opened their hearts and got hurt; or worse, abused. …

Last week we hosted our annual co-living summit and WOW! I am absolutely blown away with inspiration and bubbling with pride. It’s incredible to witness what can happen when we follow our highest joy.

Back in 2012, I decided to start yet another experiment in community building. The story actually starts much earlier; back in 2004. I had founded Pure Project to support creatives in catalyzing enterprises that promoted a common good in the world. One of the first initiatives was to build a creative lab for a curated community of creatives to connect, collaborate and co-create what we now…

If ‘home is where the heart is’, going big has always been my only option. Having faced death at the tender age of twelve, I have an insatiable appetite for life and doing whatever I can to reduce human suffering. Trained as a competitive gymnast with Olympic ambitions since I was five, success has always been the only option.

Sometimes all this passion and drive feels like a curse and all I want to do is ‘go home’.

It took coming to Bali and writing a book to understand that I was Born to Connect. I always thought my purpose…

I was recently invited to write the forward of Coliving Insights, №4.

In previous editions, we have shown that coliving is here to stay and that it can and does have a positive social, economic and environmental impact. After just one year of releasing our first edition, our fourth publication will focus on a wider market overview by doing a deep dive into the different development phases involved in creating successful coliving communities.

Download the full publication here.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is how much we value human connection. It seems we’re willing to risk our…

Auroville, India

In 2008, I read The Starfish & The Spider, which explores the contrast between centralized and decentralized organizational structures. In the most beautiful way, it felt like my head was being hacked to upload a new operating system. I’ve never been the same and these ideas continue to inspire my thinking.

That same year Satoshi Nakamoto invented the blockchain to serve as the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. What makes this cryptographic protocol so transformative is its design, which eliminates the need for a central authority to certify a transaction. The implications of such a technological framework is…

Who am I? Who is asking?

Awareness being aware of awareness. I am aware that ‘I’ am not ‘I’. A witness of ‘I’. No identification. No attachment. To the experience of ‘I’.

Pure presence. Consciously aware. Connected to all. Beyond identification. Omnificent source. Informing life. Awareness being aware of awareness.

Without form. Eternally free. Beyond thought…

Everything is feedback.

As humans, we process emotion; a reaction to experience informed by our past.

As beings, we witness this reaction free of attachment to it.

To feel fully is to invoke emotion. Expanding awareness, it presents an opportunity to know ourselves. …

La Brisa Bali

I vividly remember every detail of when the second plane hit the World Trade Center. A childhood friend had called me to let me know a plane had hit one of the WTC buildings. Being just a few blocks away, I walked out onto the street to have a look. By then, I was on the phone with my mom. All of the sudden, I witnessed the second plane hit the south tower with my very own eyes. I immediately hung up with my mom and tried to call my sister who was working in the building next door to…

I’m excited to announce the completion of my first book, Born To Connect.

Having survived an experimental brain surgery to remove a terminal brain tumor, at the tender age of 12, I knew for certain that I was here for a reason. Despite my Olympic ambitions as a professional gymnast being shattered, I was determined to discover my purpose.

In a stroke of magic and arriving with a crash of lightning, my purpose was delivered to me at the age of 14. I am here to help my friends make their dreams come true.

I’ve spent the past 30 years…

And the time is now.

We are creating something extraordinary and I would love for you to be a part of this journey.

Since 2004, with patience and persistence, I’ve been nurturing a vision to foster a network of communities around the globe that prioritize human connection. This led me to founding precursor businesses for both the coworking and coliving sectors, and most recently the industry association for coliving. Like most entrepreneurs, I’ve met great challenges and learned many invaluable lessons. Most notably are the challenges to fostering nurturing community and a culture of connection.

In 2018, I came to…

Pure Project, by Ryan Fix

A wellness community for conscious business development. We nurture visionary entrepreneurs with groundbreaking solutions that positively impact humanity.

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