Pure Project, by Ryan Fix

We all have a story, but is it really serving our growth?

Since surviving a ‘terminal’ brain tumor and surgery at the tender age of 12, I’ve been blessed with a clear vision for my life. But today I recognize the ‘shadow’ of this blessing.

Through tragedy comes great insight…

Pure House Bali, Ubud

I live in a dream factory.

Imagining a world without strangers, this mind is a flood with visions of grandeur. A culture of connection; embracing our sovereignty as well as our interdependence. We are one in the same.

Born from Earth, to it we shall return. No one escapes. We…

Bali, Indonesia

Oh the joy of coming up with catchy titles that grab our attention.

Jokes aside, this is my story of how I’m learning to become my own spiritual guide. Hopefully this short memoir inspires your ‘inner guru’.

Ok, this is big!

So a few weeks back I had a totally…

Letting go, going home & slowing down.

Hello friends, I hope all is flowing and glowing in your world.

As a passionate writer, it’s an honor to share my experiences with you all.
I created this social media channel as an experiment in fostering a culture of connection within a group of friends new and old from around…

Last week we hosted our annual co-living summit and WOW! I am absolutely blown away with inspiration and bubbling with pride. It’s incredible to witness what can happen when we follow our highest joy.

Back in 2012, I decided to start yet another experiment in community building. The story actually…

If ‘home is where the heart is’, going big has always been my only option. Having faced death at the tender age of twelve, I have an insatiable appetite for life and doing whatever I can to reduce human suffering. …

I was recently invited to write the forward of Coliving Insights, №4.

In previous editions, we have shown that coliving is here to stay and that it can and does have a positive social, economic and environmental impact. After just one year of releasing our first edition, our fourth publication…

Who am I? Who is asking?

Awareness being aware of awareness. I am aware that ‘I’ am not ‘I’. A witness of ‘I’. No identification. No attachment. To the experience of ‘I’.

Pure presence. Consciously aware. Connected to all. Beyond identification. Omnificent source. Informing life. Awareness being aware of awareness.

Pure Project, by Ryan Fix

A wellness community for conscious business development. We nurture visionary entrepreneurs with groundbreaking solutions that positively impact humanity.

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